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Cosmetic Society has just launched with a new cosmeceutical skincare range.

Cosmetic Society is a new brand that has just launched a range of medical grade skincare founded by Australian Dermal Science Clinician, Bonnie Marwick.

Two months ago, Bonnie reached out to me to see if I would trial her products. I had a lot of

questions and I explained to her that I needed to know why these products could be worth me

switching from my current cosmeceutical skincare products. I have sensitive and dry skin and I don’t like switching active serums very often.

I could immediately tell that she had done her research and knew absolutely every detail of how her products were formulated. She certainly is scientifically minded, but managed to convince me, and now I wanted to share my experience after trialing these products on my sensitive skin for 4 weeks in case you are curious to try the range for yourself.

The collection is made up of five products that work in harmony with each other to deliver essential ingredients required for glowing, healthy skin. All products have been designed for anti-ageing, anti-acne and maintenance and are surprisingly affordable for the medical grade results they can provide.

Let’s look at the collection

Active Cleanser $45

Gommage Exfoliator $40

Active Moisturiser $45

Retinol Clinical 1% $70

L Ascorbic Acid 20% $70

Signature Set (all 5 products) $270

Active Cleanser

A creamy, anti-ageing and skin pH stabilising cleanser made with a combination of Glycolic and Lactic Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHAs). This cleanser washes away dead cells and impurities leaving a clear, clean, and healthy-looking skin. This formula is enriched with calendula, green tea, and cucumber for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and hydrating benefits. Active Cleanser contains a low dose glycolic acid that gently exfoliates without abrasion, and the lactic acid has beautiful hydrating effects for the skin.

Active cleansers in tubes can allow air to be drawn into the tube every time its squeezed, which

allows for air balance inside and out of the tube but unfortunately this exposure is not good for any formula. This one is packaged in a piston driven airless container to protect the formula from air degradation.

My review: My skin really enjoys this cleanser. I can use this everyday as a morning cleanse and a

second cleanse in the evening, following my oil cleanser to remove my makeup. No irritation


Gommage Exfoliator

A creamy, physical AHA exfoliant, made with natural lime pearls and exfoliating granules to remove loose dead skin cells and increase blood flow. Rosehip and avocado oils are added to the Gommage Exfoliator for moisturising, calming and free radical repair benefits. It is packaged in a piston driven airless container to protect the formula from air degradation.

My review: This one was not great on my sensitive skin. I personally prefer chemical exfoliants

because physical granules can irritate my rosacea. I did trial this twice but have not reached for it

again. I will use this as a body exfoliant as an alternative. I believe this would be more suitable if you have normal or oily skin and should be used once per week.

Active moisturiser

A medium weight, creamy moisturiser formulated with Snap 8 Peptide and Matrixyl snythe 6 that

reduces wrinkle formation by slowing the muscle movement in the face to keep it smooth. Also

made with Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and sodium hyaluronate to prevent moisture leaving the skin and keep it moisturised, looking plump and healthy. It is packaged in a piston driven airless container to protect the formula from air degradation.

My review: I love this moisturiser because of the way it makes my skin feel. I can’t handle thick

moisturisers on my sensitive skin because it can trigger my perioral dermatitis, and this one is a

perfect creamy consistency that blends in and doesn’t feel heavy or fatty. This is perfect for morning or evening application, and I am happy to have the bonus anti-ageing smoothing benefits and will continue to use this product.

L Ascorbic Acid C 20%

Made with L-Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin E, this serum has brightening and capillary strengthening

properties. L-Ascorbic Acid is the only form of Vitamin C proven to reduce pigment producing melanin cells, fade pigmentation, create collagen and elastin and leave skin glowing. It promotes healthy blood vessels, regulates sebum, reduces pimples, and protects cells from DNA damage and ageing. As per clinical studies, L-Ascorbic Acid should be delivered in a 20% strength with a Ph of 3.5 or less to be effective and achieve true results. Tocopherol is a form of Vitamin E that promotes thicker skin, hydrates and repairs scaring in the skin and formulates perfectly with a Vitamin C serum to provide additional anti-ageing benefits. This formula does not include Ferulic acid because it can irritate some sensitive skin types who are also using AHA exfoliants in their skincare routine. Vitamin C serums must be kept in the dark away from light and air to stop oxidisation and render it useless, so Cosmetic Society’s is packaged in a piston driven airless container to protect the formula from air degradation.

My review: A Vitamin C serum that doesn’t smell like hot dog water and isn’t in serum form. It

applies like a moisturiser and smells beautiful. My skin really loves this serum and I have been using it every morning with no irritation. My skin is glowing, and I this is my favourite product of the five in the range. True results will happen over time, but I am optimistic that this could replace my current holy grail product.

Retinol Clinical 1%

Retinol (Vitamin A) in a 1% pure concentration is the highest level of Vitamin A allowed to be sold

over the counter in Australia. It is the only vitamin to literally reverse the signs of ageing and

Cosmetic Society delivers it in a lotion that triggers apoptosis (cell death) in damaged old and DNA

damaged cells to turn over skin cells faster in a 21-day period as opposed to 28.

Cosmetic society utilises tiny nano particles 200nm, Linoleic Acid to improve the strength of the skin barrier and Vitamin E to repair DNA damage and give cells a healthy plump glow. It is packaged in a piston driven airless container to protect the formula from air degradation.

My review: This was my first time using a retinol. Prior to this product I was using a low strength

retinal so I was nervous to see how my skin would react. I am happy to report that my sensitive skin has been loving this serum and it continues to feel firm, lifted, plump and strong. My skin texture has improved too. I will continue to use this three evenings per week.

Some final notes

If you are looking for cosmeceutical skincare that delivers medical grade results at a fraction of the

cost of some luxury brands, I highly recommend checking out Cosmetic Society. If I had to pick a top 3 products to start with, I would recommend the L-Ascorbic Acid, Retinol 1% and Active Moisturiser.

All Cosmetic Society products are tested for acid safety, compatibility, and acid bioavailability so that the skin is less likely to have negative reactions. They use medically proven peer reviewed evidence to base their products on and the whole range is formulated and packaged in Australia.

Shipping is free within Australia for orders over $100

International shipping varies on destination but is approximately $35 with tracking.

Shop the range here.

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