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I've Found A Genius Palette That Replaces 5 Products in My Makeup Routine

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

For Adore Beauty.

For me, getting ready for work means slapping on skincare, remembering to put on deodorant, shoving breakfast in my mouth, all with an 18-month-old running around between my legs.

It's as relaxing as it sounds. Some days, I go makeup-free, but when I do wear makeup to work, it's a glowy base, rosy cheeks and a bright eye to make it look like I've slept for a full 10 hours. Ha!

But how does one possibly do their makeup under such conditions? (And by conditions, I mean with a demanding but very adorable small human to look after.) The answer is multi-tasking products!

If I can get most of my face done using a single palette, it saves me heaps of time fiddling around in my makeup case and walking back and forward to the mirror. It can even be done on route in the car. Every minute matters.

And thus, my search for the perfect multi-tasking palette began. Aside from being able to do (almost) a full face of makeup - think blush, bronzer, eyeshadow and highlighter - I also needed a product specifically made for sensitive skin that wouldn't flare up my perioral dermatitis.

Enter, the Eye Of Horus Sacred Earth Palette.

Keep reading for my full review of this time and money-saving palette, including how I use it to replace most of my makeup routine.

What is the Eye Of Horus Sacred Earth Bronzing Palette?

I was first introduced to the Eye Of Horus Sacred Earth Bronzing Palette by the makeup artist who did my wedding makeup back in 2015. When she used this four-pan palette on me recently, it looked and felt so beautiful on my dry and sensitive skin. I didn't have any negative reactions, which was a HUGE relief. It was love at first swatch.

The palette comes with four highly-pigmented powder shades: A matte bronzer (Bronze Ochre), a champagne illuminator (Luxor Light) and two shades of blush (Sienna Blush and Persian Peach). Every single shade is divine, and can be used either on its own or together for a full look.

But the best thing about this palette is how it takes the confusion out of contouring, blush and highlight. And how it simplifies my morning makeup routine. And the massive mirror that makes it really easy to slap a face on in the time it takes to make a coffee. So obviously, I'm a fan.

My Eye Of Horus Sacred Earth Palette Review.

Before buying the Sacred Earth palette, I was already familiar with the Byron Bay brand because I've used their Eye Of Horus Bio Lash Lift Mascara and Eye of Horus Winter Solstice Eyeshadow Palette for years.

All of their products are Aussie-made, vegan, cruelty-free and made with 100 per cent naturally-derived ingredients. But they're also really good, which can be hard to find in the clean beauty space. (Lots of makeup artists use Eye Of Horus products on their clients, too.)

I'd highly recommend the Eye Of Horus Sacred Earth Bronzing Palette to anyone with sensitive or dry skin because there is absolutely no clinging to dry spots. Three of the four shades have a slight shimmer, so this palette will always leave you looking super glowy... which is excellent if you're a glow fiend like me.

I also love just how much value you get in this palette because A) you've got four decent-sized pans in the one product and B) the powders are so pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

For me, it replaces four to five separate products in my makeup routine:

1. Bronzer – I use a contour brush to sweep the Bronze Ochre shade from the top of my ear down to the middle of my cheek, and dust a little around the hair and jaw line.

2. Blush – The Sienna Blush shade might look super bright and scary, but I promise, if you just apply a small dusting with a fluffy brush to the apples of your cheeks, it comes out beautifully rosy.

3. Eyeshadow – A wash of the Luxor Light shade all over the lid and up to your brow bone has you covered for a subtle eye look, but you can also apply Bronze Ochre into the corners and creases for definition. And if you're going all out, pop the Persian Peach shade over the lid and lower lash line.

4. Highlighter – Lightly brush Luxor Light onto all the high points of your face. Start in a C-shape from above your eyebrows down to your cheekbones, and use your finger to put some under your brow arch and on the inner corners of your eyes.

5. Lip colour – I like to use my finger to apply the Sienna Blush to my lips before covering with a clear lip balm when I'm on the run.

You can watch how I use this palette to do a full makeup look in this video!

How Much Money Does This Palette Save Me?

Beauty is my hobby - some might say vice - so I've bought a fair bit of makeup in my time.

If I look at other sensitive skin-friendly (but not always budget-friendly) products I've purchased and use regularly, it goes something like this:

Bronzer = $38. Blush = $49. An eyeshadow palette (I mostly use three earthy shades similar to the ones in this palette) = $79. Highlighter = $73. Lip tint = $40. Add that all up and suddenly, I've spent $279.

Compare that with the $85 Eye Of Horus Sacred Earth Bronzing Palette and it's a fantastic investment if I do say so myself.

Shop my favourites here.

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