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My Dry Skin Makeup Routine That Looks Dewy All Day (Even in Office Air Con)

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

For Adore Beauty.

If you were to go through my makeup bag, I guarantee you would not find a single setting powder. You would find a whole heap of serum-y textures and creamy blushes and highlighters though, because I go out of my way to inject as much dewy-ness as possible into each step of my daily makeup look.

I have dry skin that sees the occasional sensitivity flare up (you can read more about my experience with perioral dermatitis here), which means anything too matte or powdery can make my face look like a desert.

Hence, I get asked a lot about my glowy makeup look and the products I use to achieve it. So, I thought we'd go through it step by step.

Here's the full recap of my dry skin makeup routine, plus how I get it to look dewy and fresh all day, even after hours spent in my office air con. BYO selfie sun light.

My Dry Skin Glowy Makeup Routine.

Step 1: SPF and Skin Prep.

Once I have done my skin care, I apply my sunscreen*. But not just any sunscreen, I've been searching for THE glowiest and lightest SPF for my skin. I found Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum through this quest.

This luminous and lightly rose-fragranced chemical sunscreen has a serum consistency with a dropper applicator. The texture is thin, silky and has been designed to act as a primer base under makeup.

Step 2: Coverage.

I love a multi-tasking product and when I saw Clinique has released their new Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF20 infused with my favourite ingredients for dry skin - hyaluronic acid and vitamin C - I had to try it!

It promised a more radiant and even skin tone, and it did not disappoint. A little goes a long way and I would describe this as medium to high coverage for me, so it lasts all day.

I use this by dispensing a half pump onto the back of one hand and using my index finger to dot small amounts around my face. I then use my fingers or a stippling brush to evenly blend it in. I use shade CN 28 Ivory (VF).

Step 3: Cream Blush.

I love the Napoleon Perdis Cheek Switch Crème Blush Stick so much, I own it in two shades – Go On Rose and Pink Lady. Both are excellent, but I find Go On Rose a bit softer and more natural for my work makeup look.

This super fresh and radiant blush comes in an easy-to-apply stick. Just pop three dots onto the apples of each cheek, tap them in and blend upwards using your middle finger. I also like to use this on my eyes and lips for a quick and cohesive look during my morning rush. Use your finger to swipe the blush onto your eyelids and lips, too.

Step 4: Highlighter.

Is it obvious this is my favourite step? I think so! You can use as much or as little highlighter as you like. Personally, I love me a blindingly glowy highlight that still looks somewhat 'natural', not glitzy. For this, I use the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Soft Light Liquid Highlighter in Golden Champagne. The product contains absolutely no sparkle or intense metallic shine, so it leaves a beautifully soft and juicy finish on your skin. You can tap this in with your fingers on the high points of your face like your cheeks, eyebrow arch, inner corners of the eyes and cupid’s bow OR if you are ready to ramp up your glow, you can mix this in with your foundation or tinted moisturiser at the beginning for an all over radiance.

Step 5: Lashes and Brows.

Eye Of Horus Bio Lash Lift Mascara is the mascara I repurchase over and over. The precision of the wand and the way it separates every single lash to build volume without clumping had me at first swipe.

If you need to fill in your eyebrows at all, I also highly recommend the brand's Eye Of Horus Dual Brow Perfect - I use shade Husk.

Step 6: A Glowy Mist.

his step is actually the key to keeping your makeup looking fresh, even when you're feeling far from it. Find a great mist and spritz over your makeup throughout the day when your skin feels dry in office air con. Edible Beauty No. 2 Citrus Rhapsody Toner Mist is one of my favourites.

Now, you are all ready to glow!

Shop my favourites here.

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